Our Equipment provides us with a wide variety or services. Here is a quick list of services we frequently provide. If you believe our equipment can help in a different field please contact us.



Deploying the use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and ElectroMagnetic Induction (EMI) M & R Underground LLC can perform any private utility locate given there is clear maneuverable space. Our careful selection of equipment has supplied us with many advantages over competition. Working with GSSI, a world leading competitor in the GPR industry, has given us not only a competitive edge on the depth of our scans but the clarity as well. Through our ties with Rigid we were able to obtain the seek tech sr-24 line locator. This is the only piece of equipment on the market that uses omnidirectional antennas for ease and speed of the locating process. These attributes allow for quick, confident locates while keeping you and your employees safe and on schedule with any excavation.



GPR can be a very insightful tool in many applications, one applicable use most overlook or do not realize is forensic scanning. Services included in this scanning type include but not limited to archeological burial sites, cemeteries ensuring all graves are marked, and aiding law enforcement. The nonintrusive characteristics of our scans guarantee preservation of the ground service for further investigation and does not disturb the environment.



During land development civil engineers are often burdened with the daunting task of thumbing through as built plans that may or may not be accurate. Having up to date utility maps can save time money and injury. Often these maps being outdated causes drastic changes to the design after ground has been broken. This can be a disgruntling, and painful process causing over expenditures on budgetary items and scheduling. Hiring a private locator like M & R Underground LLC can prevent these outcomes as one call services do not locate for design purposes.



Private Locates can also be done for agricultural and environmental reasons. GPR and its nonintrusive tactics mean we can see the characteristics of the earth in any given area. We have found this to be useful in farm land irrigation, top soil depths, even layers of limestone and gravel, along with hydrological features that are hidden under the surface. Our services can support Phase I and Phase II audits as well.